Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli, David Huang, Yali Jia, Maria Cristina Savastano
Edition: 2/e
ISBN: 9789354655036
Pages: 182

Quick Overview

This Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas shows the state-of-the-art principles of clinical OCTA imaging. The key word is “”clinical””, helping users to interpret OCTA images and guiding clinicians to understand the features of angiographic images. The first edition was a great success and is now sold out. Worldwide enthusiasm will still increase for OCT angiographic imaging, and we anticipate a progressive development of its clinical applications. This second edition Atlas has been deeply transformed and developed. All chapters have been completely rewritten; some are entirely new and ground-breaking. We report the great advances OCT Angiography has obtained in the clinical field since the first edition in 2015. OCTA allowed us to identify new pathologies, recognize new syndromes, and organize disorders in new classifications. Known diseases are now better understood and new diseases are described.

Key Features

  • In this book, Operating principles, clinical applications, and future promises of OCTA are clearly explained by world-renowned original developers of the technology.
  • Part I, Section 1 of the Atlas exposes the basic principles of OCT angiography, the methods and technology, the interpretation of OCTA imaging, the vascular anatomy of retina, and the clinical applications from an angiographic perspective.
  • In Part II provide a general update on the state of clinical OCT angiography research in a variety of retinal, choroid, and anterior chamber disorders.
  • Part III describes the future clinical applications and implications of next generation of devices.

Target Audience

This Atlas should serve as a basic guide to ophthalmologists and technicians, as they use OCT angiography in their everyday clinical activities.